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Welcome to the Karamba3D API Documentation

This is the API Reference to Karamba3D 2.3.0. WIP which is available at

Getting Started

There are two main namespaces:

  • [Karamba]: Is used by the Grasshopper-components and provides access to the full range of features. However the interfaces of the classes there may change in the future.

  • [KarambaCommmon]: It is recommended to use the class provided in this namespace to create Karamba3D-objects. The interface of the classes there will be kept unchanged in future releases so that it can be expected that the functionality of your script or plug-in will not be broken.

The class [KarambaCommon.Toolkit] should be used to create Karamba3D models and their consituents. It gives access to factories for many model-parts. However the interface of Toolkit does not provide access to all features yet. For examples regarding the use of Toolkit take a look at the Karamba3D unit-test project available at

For further information regarding scripting with Karamba3D see the Karamba3D scripting guide and the accompanying examples available at

Stable releases and work in progress versions of Karamba3D can be found here: There it is also possible to supply bug reports and feature requests.

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