Bake-Off 2020

November 03-20 /2020


In our first digital Bake-off, we had 20 architects, engineers and designers participate in a three-week interdisciplinary course focusing on parametric structures and design. Participants were given a task to design structural object within the parametric environment of Grasshopper3D with their applied knowledge in Karamba3D. The final designs were presented on the cloud 3d platform where everyone was able to explore and freely roam around.

Design Task: Viewing Platform

  • Maximum bounding box of 20m x 20m x 20m
  • Accommodate min. 10 people at one time
  • Main structural elements are beams
  • Situated on the island of Vulcano, Italy

Explore the designs in the cloud model.

Featured Examples

Barbara Zandavali

Inés Ariza

Ivan Burtovoi & Chen Qiu


Marina Konstantatou

3D Models:
Mauro Iacuaniello
Inés Ariza
Mallika Arora
Ivan Burtovoi
Barbara Zandavali
Mathias Leys
Toon Laureyssens
Miriam Dall’Igna
Chen Qiu
Marina Konstantatou

Special Thanks:
Gwyllim Jahn of

Vulcano Site Model:
© Sara Carena
( CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)

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