Purchase Successful

Purchase Successful

Thank you for purchasing a Karamba3D PRO Student license!


Licenses will be processed and issued electronically within 1-2 working days of successful payment.

Please confirm your education status by replying from your educational email or by sending us a photo of your institution id.

The license agreement can be found here.


A single standalone license allows you to install Karamba3d on two computers. The separate machines can be activated at different times.

To activate a standalone license send us the “machine.id” files for the two computers where you would like to install Karamba3D.

See the step by step guide to a standalone license or to find your ‘machine.id’ file.

NETWORK LICENSES (for Companies or Institutions only)

Floating licenses are available using the McNeel Zoo 6 License network server (Rhino6 or Rhino5 64bit). A single floating license allows you to run Karamba3D on one computer at a time, even if Rhino is installed with a standalone license or on the cloud.

For the generation of network licenses, simply email us the user or company name.

See the step by step guide to install Karamba3D with a network license.

Karamba3D not showing up when you open Grasshopper?
Check the installation directory or refer to our Support page.

Learn Karamba3D

Follow the tutorials or see the range of Karamba3D examples.

Request a Karamba3D workshop.



For licensing or purchasing enquires contact us:

[email protected]

Contact us if you would like to use Karamba3D for teaching at your university or institution, or if you are interested in setting up a Karamba3D workshop.


For support and questions about scripts see:


You can search for or share your questions or problems with the large Grasshopper community.


For user support & installation guides:


Read the guides on how to install your licenses or troubleshoot your technical problems.