Export Complex Structure to Revit & Robot with Geometry Gym

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In a 3 part tutorial, Junghwo Park explains how to create a complex frame structure in Karamba & Grasshopper and then exporting the geometry into Revit using IFC formats in Geometry Gym and then analysis in Robot Structural Analysis.

The first tutorial shows how a semi complex randomised beam structure can be create in Grasshopper and then analyzed in Karamba. See Tutorial 1 – Create a Complex Beam Structure.

The second and third tutorial then explains how to export the geometry using Geometry Gym into Revit and then to be analyzed once more in Robot.

Part 2 – Export from Grasshopper with Geometry Gym

Part 3 – Into into Revit & Robot

Get the reference files here: Karamba+GGym_IrregularStructure

These tutorials use Rhinoceros (Version 5 SR12 64bit), Grasshopper (0.9.0076), Karamba (1.1.0), Revit (Version 2016),  Geometry Gym & Robot.