Create a Complex Beam Structure

03_tutorial_3_karambaggym_irregularstructure_01  160107_KarambaRevit_3

In a 3 part tutorial, Junghwo Park explains how to create a complex frame structure in Karamba & Grasshopper and then exporting the geometry into Revit using IFC formats in Geometry Gym and then analysis in Robot Structural Analysis.

The first tutorial shows how a semi complex randomised beam structure can be create in Grasshopper and then analyzed in Karamba. The tutorial uses several features of Karamba such as the Nearest Neighbour and Remove Duplicate Points components.

The second and third tutorial then explains how to export the geometry using Geometry Gym into Revit and then to be analyzed once more in Robot. See Tutorial 2 & 3 – Export a Complex Beam Structure into Revit & Robot using Geometry Gym.

Part 1 – Set up Geometry in Karamba

Get the reference files here: Karamba+GGym_IrregularStructure