Simple Parametric Truss


In a simple 3 part tutorial, Junghwo Park explains how to create a single truss in Karamba & Grasshopper and then exporting the geometry into Revit using Dynamo BIM & Rhynamo.

The first tutorial explains how to set up a truss parametrically and subsequently the following video shows how to analyze the structure in Karamba and then optimize the truss using Galapagos. See Tutorial 3 – Export a Simple Parametric Truss to Revit with Rhynamo

Part 1 – Set up the truss parametrically

Part 2 – Integrate the Truss into Karamba

Get the reference files here: KarambaToDynamoBIM_SingleTruss

These tutorials use Rhinoceros (Version 5 SR12 64bit), Grasshopper (0.9.0076) & Karamba (1.1.0).