Install a License

Install a Standalone license
Just bought a STUDENT or PRO license? Learn how to locate your machine-id files in order to install Karamba with a standalone license. A single standalone license allows you to install Karamba on two computers. Please send your files to [email protected]. 

Install a Network license
Want to install Karamba with a network license? Floating licenses are available using the McNeel Zoo 6.0 License network server (only for Rhino5 64bit). A single floating license allows you to use Karamba on one computer at one time, as long as it is installed on the Zoo License server. The Karamba Zoo License must be installed on the same server as your Rhino Zoo License.

System Requirements

8 GB RAM or more is recommended
At least 60mb disk space
Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7
Rhino5 32 or 64 bit installed
Latest Grasshopper version installed (0.9.0076)

For Network Licenses: Rhino5 64 bit McNeel Zoo 6.0

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All questions regarding licenses in Karamba

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Runtime Errors
Common errors when running Karamba

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Tips and Tricks
Basic tips to improve your Karamba experience

Karamba User Manuals

The complete guide to Karamba is available in English and Japanese.

English (Version 1.1.0)
Japanese 日本語 (Version 1.0.5)


Hackers Essentials 1.1.0
The hackers essentials package contains all necessary material for scripting Karamba.



For licensing or purchasing enquires please send us an email:

[email protected]

Contact us if you would like to use karamba for teaching at your university or institution, or if you are interested in setting up a karamba workshop.



For user support and questions about developing your scripts see the

Grasshopper Forums

You can search for or share your questions or problems with the large Grashopper community.