Reseller Conditions

Current Prices (01.08.2017)

Educational (Unlimited)
35 USD
Educational (Unlimited) 10+
30 USD
PRO 1 Year
525 USD
PRO Unlimited
1,350 USD
PRO Unlimited Upgrade
(from 1 Year)*
825 USD

*as long as it is renewed within 1 month after the expiration or during the validity of 1 Year License

PRO Reseller Discount

1                               15%
Cases of* 2+            25%
Cases of* 10+          35%
Cases of* 50+          40%
*can be licensed to different clients

Educational Reseller Discount

1                 20%
10+             35%

Payment Terms

Terms are Paypal (credit card) or wire transfer.

Shipping Policy

All products ship electronically.

Reseller Starter Package

  • All resellers must purchase a Reseller Starter Package to become a Karamba reseller: 1,150€ (excl VAT) or 1,350 USD: includes 1 Standalone & 1 Network License (Not-for-Resale, non commercial)
  • For workshops or presentations we can provide you with 1-month time limited full Karamba licenses.

Additional Terms

  • Licenses are usually processed 1-2 working days after order confirmation, and receiving the required machine-id files for the standalone or company name for the network license
  • The validity of the time limited licenses starts with the issue date of the license.
  • We include unlimited technical support for both dealers and end users.
  • Resellers should offer technical support to the customers (for the validity of the license).
  • Resellers may sell to end users or other resellers.
  • Resellers must purchase 1,170€ or 1,370 USD per year to maintain their reseller status. Purchases are reviewed annually. The reseller starter package is included in the purchases of the first year.
  • Resellers must maintain up-to-date information about Karamba products on their web site.
  • Licenses must be sold at the current prices listed above.
  • Please refer to the website for all licensing conditions.
    • Licenses can be installed as Standalone (2 machines) or Network (single license)
    • If an end user wishes to convert a standalone license to a network license, the old standalone licenses must be removed from the machines before issuing the network license.

Application Information

  • Name/ Email
  • Company Name/Website/Address/Phone
  • Company Owner: Name/Email
  • Sales Manager: Name/Email
  • Support Manager: Name/Email
  • Trainer Manager: Name/Email
  • Company: Year Business Started/Number of Employees/Number of Offices/Training Facilities/Other 3D CAD softwares you sell

To enquire about becoming a reseller simply fill out this Application Form and send it via email to [email protected].

We intend to to add a reseller page on our website. If you want we can list you there. Logos and other marketing material can be requested.