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Thank you for purchasing a Karamba PRO license!

Karamba PRO 1 Year or Unlimited licenses will be processed within 1-2 working days of successful payment. A license includes all updates for the current main version. The PRO-Unlimited version can be updated to the next main version at a reduced cost.

For EU users, please send your company VAT identification number to [email protected].



A single standalone license allows you to install Karamba on two computers.

Please send your “machine.id” files for the two computers where you would like to install Karamba to [email protected].

A step by step guide to install Karamba with a standalone license and to find your ‘machine.id’ file.



Floating licenses are available using the McNeel Zoo 6.0 License network server (only for Rhino5 64bit). A single floating license allows you to use Karamba on one computer at one time, even if Rhino is installed with a standalone license.

For generation of Network Licenses, a machine-id file is not necessary. Simply email us the user information.

A step by step guide to install Karamba with a network license.


Karamba not showing up when you open Grasshopper?
Check the installation directory or refer to our Support page.


Learn Karamba

Follow the tutorials or see the range of Karamba examples.

Request a Karamba workshop.

Manuals & Plugins

View User Manual 1.2.2 Version 1.2.2

View User Manual 1.1.0 Version 1.1.0

View User Manual (Japanese 日本語) Version 1.0.5

karamba 1.1.0 Hacker’s Essentials (contains material for scripting karamba)

karamba 1.1.0 Examples (installation found at Food4Rhino)

Geometry Gym plugin for exchange between Rhinio/Grasshopper/karamba, Revit, Digital Project, ArchiCAD and other IFC capable software

karambaToSofistik plugin for exchange between karamba and Sotistik