Wrong version? Download karamba 32bit.

Make sure you have Rhino5 64 bit and the latest Grasshopper (0.9.0076) installed. Uninstall all previous versions of Karamba before installing the latest version.

Install the FULL version if you wish to upgrade to a STUDENT or PRO license.

Physical units can be set as SI or Imperial upon installation. This setting can be switched after installation by editing the karamba.ini file.

Karamba not showing up when you open Grasshopper?
Check the installation directory or refer to our Support page.

Step 2 : Get a License

Purchase a license or simply use the free or trial version.
Install Karamba with a standalone license.
Install Karamba with a network license.

Step 3 : Learn Karamba

Follow the tutorials or see the range of Karamba examples.
Browse the Karamba Manual.
Request a Karamba workshop.