Below are a list of all features for the various versions of Karamba3D.





Pro 1 Year

Pro Unlimited

30€ (excl. VAT)
450€ (excl. VAT)
1.150€ (excl. VAT)

20 beams / 50 shells
1 year validity

Commercial use

Network License

32bit / 64bit

Fast topological manipulation of models: stitching and felting with beams

Fast linear interpolation between the geometry of multiple models

Calculation of large deflections (for form-finding)

Calculation of small deflections

Display of strains, stresses, utilization and section forces/moments

Arbitrarily oriented supports, display of support reactions

Circular tubes, I-sections, box-sections, trapezoid-sections of variable shape

Springs between nodes

Hinges at the endpoints of beams

Eccentricities of beams with respect to the line connecting their end-points

Cross section library for steel sections

Variable material properties, material library

Nodal forces, equivalent nodal forces from distributed forces on meshes, gravity, uniformly distributed line-loads, axial pretension

Multiple load cases

Predefined displacements at supports

Calculation of eigen-modes of the structure

Determination of natural vibration modes and frequencies, consistent mass, user-defined point masses

BESO for Beams

Cross section optimization

Normal force and resultant moment per element

Section forces, moments and displacements at arbitrary positions along elements

Utilization of elements

Reaction forces and moments

Internal bending- and axial deformation energy per element

Nodal displacements: translations and rotations

Displacements along elements

Approximation of principal strain fields on grid shells for force flow lines

Second order theory

Global buckling calculation