parametric engineering

karamba 1.0.4


karamba 1.0.4 contains these new features and bug-fixes. For a complete list of features click here. Download the latest version of karamba here.

  1. Karamba can now handle SI and Imperial Units.
  2. The “MeshBreps”-component meshes multiple, connected Breps for shell analysis.
  3. A network license option based on the Zoo5.0 license server has been added.
  4. The algorithm for cross section design has been improved: Ultimate limit state and usability limit state design can be controlled independently from each other.
  5. The cross section table comes in two variants: either sorted by cross section height (the default) or sorted by weight. When used in cross section design the first table results in minimum structural height, the second in minimum weight.
  6. For custom denitions of hollow box cross sections and I-profiles a fillet radius can be specified.
  7. When using the “MeshLoad”-component it is possible to specify nodes and elements where to apply it.
  8. American, Japanese, Chinese and Australian standard steel types have been added to the table of materials.
  9. The “ForceFlow” component supports multiple directions for the generation of flow patterns.
  10. There is a component for plotting principal moment lines on shells.
  11. All shell results that come as patterns of lines (e.g. principal stress lines, iso-lines,…) exactly intersect the underlying mesh.

These bugs got fixed:

  1. The shear deformation of hollow cross sections was underestimated.
  2. With Grasshopper 0.9.0056 the mouse interaction with the canvas was blocked after activating a drop-down menu.
  3. Models without any elements made Rhino crash upon analysis.
  4. Zero sized beam elements had the same effect.
  5. When Karamba could not verify the license it stayed in trial mode without reporting a problem.
  6. Writing a “”-file sometimes resulted in a Rhino crash.
  7. The cross section table contained wrong data: “Wy” of cross section FRR 120/80/4 was 20.4cm3(wrong) instead of 50.5cm3(correct). The “Wz”-values of the FRR family were slightly wrong. “It” and “Wt” of type “RO” were too small.
  8. Custom cross sections did not calculate the radius of gyration “iy” and “iz”.
    In the results of the “Generate Cross Section Table”-component columns “Name” and “Family” were swapped in the resulting table.